Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poupee Girl: Insanely Addictive

I found Poupee Girl (yes, funny name when you say it aloud, harhar.) while blog-hopping, read a random one talking about her Poupee account.. so I signed up and ended up stuck on it for 3 HOURS.

It's kinda like a doll site crossed with chictopia, and costs nothing for 'ribbons', their currency.
When you sign up, you customize the appearance of your doll/person - hair, eyes, skin tone, etc.But you start off with nothing in your closet.

To give your doll some dignity, you have to upload photos of YOUR (yes, YOURS as in real-life) items - clothes, hats, shoes, toys, etc.
By doing so, you earn some 'ribbons' and free items as an incentive. I think they're made to be similar to the pictures you uploaded as mine were black, white and red on the first uploads =_=".

It is worthy to note, though, that there IS a limit to daily posting for rewards. Once you post something and don't get anything for it, STOP AT ONCE and wait until tomorrow to continue doing so.

Sometimes, you get SHELLS instead of wearables.Please don't make the same mistake I did by selling the duplicates. When you have collected 5 shells, go to the fountain and throw them in for a ~FREE ITEM. *headdesk*

Another free way to obtain ribbons is by saving your daily snapshot. Drag and drop the clothes onto your person like a paper doll and click save snapshot. ONE EASY RIBBON.

Not to worry, most of the site is in English; but most of the users are Japanese. It won't be much of a worry to those who can't read it, though. The comments usually say similar compliments like kawaii (cute), ai (love) or similar things. After all, why comment it if you didn't like it?

The SUTEKI button under an item is for you to click on if you like it; suteki meaning COOL in Japanese. It's like adding "Hype" to a lookbook outfit.

Your ribbons are used to buy items either from the Poupee Market (off other users, where you can also sell) or Katharine Shop; the ONLY "shop" on the game, much like a department store.

I'm playing while typing this out and items are bought just like that *snaps fingers*.

Oh, and for Purikura aka Neoprint freaks like myself, I discovered recently that they had a Pupecula, Poupee Girl's version of sticker pictures that you can even drag and drop Pupe friends you've added on the site to!

I wish you the best of luck with backing away from the computer once you've started. It's silly but addictive.

P.S. If anyone has a fedora, I'm interested! (nickname = shinigami)

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