Monday, November 30, 2009


Oh dear, I've been late, very late. My sincerest apologies for my failure to update for a month.

So after a bad haircut, the going-aways of several friends and reformatting on my laptop... I'm back and going to stop procrastinating... Update more often! YES!

This website may be old news, considering i discovered it at the start of the year.. But I only found something to post with my discussion of it today, so there! ^__^

and I were so bored one day that we invented a webcam game inspired by the Asian Poses site that goes into insane detailed descriptions and studies of hand gestures we Asians (though most mastered by FOB's) spam when in front of a camera. We did all 28 in about an hour or less ;)

Here is the result of our game:

Does anyone else have webcam games/lol stories to tell? :)