Saturday, February 28, 2009

subhuman nature fulfills human wants

I fail for not posting in a long time. But this one is really good.

If you like my kind of music (aka a whole lotta different kinds of rock), you will adore Subhuman Nature as much as I do.

Discovered through Nicole's finding a rapidshare link of (one of the few decent local) NZ band Addison's EP, My clicking away was rewarded very well.

It's like being in a music lover's candy store, only the candies are FREE. Subhuman Nature offers free downloads to albums and EP's of HEAPS of bands organized by genre whether new or known. It's a great way to discover new music and dig up old favorites (props for the Reel Big Fish!)

Sure, I go out and buy my CD's when I like the band enough and have the money; but I download music too. I think all these DL's actually help the band - since the record label makes most of the profits from album sales, downloading provides the band free exposure and leaves fans with extra money for MERCH and CONCERT TICKETS which actually help them more (:

After all, who wants to spend $20 on one that you listen to and end up hating?
Keep the music alive, go to shows and of course, feel free to buy the records too... They look nice on your shelf and have better quality than MP3's ;)

Trent Reznor would know.

♫ The Search - Addison