Monday, February 1, 2010


i feel like generous hypocrisy is going nowhere, and i'm either confused in what my direction is or have come to a mental roadblock. i've also found wordpress to be a better platform

i've moved to

see you there :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Album Review: DIM - THE GAZETTE

I wrote this for the Lolita E-zine (I'll link you when it's out). I may do a condensed version of this, but so far, this is what I'm going with.

Dim - The GazettE

Gothic lolita is, along with Victorian times and Alice in Wonderland, inspired by the aesthetics of Visual Kei. The GazettE are one of Japan's established internationally famed bands of the genre who went in a new – moodier, heavier and more concept based direction with their seventh album…Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Complementing the idea of a concept album, Dim is full of interludes. From the cold and haunting「剥離」to to even feature a crying baby in 「子宮」. The GazettE really know how to elicit emotion and invoke curiosity with such simplicity and distortion.

Previously released Leech and Distress and Coma fail to disappoint. Leech is a hard rock song with female vocals that feels like a live song fans would jump up and down to. The scream in the middle appears to be the song’s peak, but it does not die off after and ends louder with explosive life. Distress and Coma is a track that is predictable, but ensures the standard formula is done the right way. 紅蓮 is a shorter J-rock ballad, also previously released, that sounds similar to Burial Applicant and/or Baretta. The drumming stands out most to me at its quietest and the guitar solo fits, though I feel the lyrics were intended to be the most significant part.

Headache Man is probably my favorite song off Dim with it’s metalcore sound – heavy and made for headbanging, in your face and includes an Unholy Confessions-esque breakdown. It might be volume over intricacy but still the most enjoyable. If you didn’t get a headache from it, you’ll like Ogre, too. The slowed down grunge-like 13STAIRS[-]1 retains its heaviness and speeds up in the middle with protesting vocals that alternate screaming, shouting and whispering plus dueling guitars wonderfully fit in the “bad connection” effects that refuse to hear ignorant judgment of those who criticize the genre. In the Middle of Chaos would be great to see live. Though simplistic, it’s more cheerful and fun.

The Invisible Wall is average. They could have chosen a better track to kick off the album with, but even the song improves as it progresses through the sorrowful and desperate emotions it exudes. I like the Metallica-like A Moth Under the Skin, due to Reita’s bass-led intro. The rhythm seems like it would be excellent live, but ended with a boring fade out.

Dim balances the fast with the ballads, though. 泣ヶ原 is a 7-minute long one that is worth overcoming impatience for as it is a beautiful break from the previous Leech; or perhaps the mosh pit when seen live. Maybe Dim was written in the live concert frame of mind after all. A slower tempo, however does not mean a decreased intensity that has an impeccable construction as the bridges and breaks are in all the right places. 白き優鬱 has violins, acoustic guitars and a solo where it should be. It’s calm and mellow but ends very nicely.

The album ends way better than it started, with one of its best songs. Dim Scene seems influenced by Dir en Grey and starts off slowly, this time with an orchestra. The way the echoing violins fade off into rolling drums that get bigger, the guitars burst louder and the vocals come to life. Dim Scene could have been a long epic song, I suppose five minutes is enough, and the conclusion faded off nicely. Overall, Dim is sinister yet brilliant.


Saturday, December 12, 2009


Due to my observation that every blog needs a niche, a central topic to go about to make it easier on the blogger's own life and reader's.

Then I realized I don't have one. Sure, I'm allowed to like a whole lot of things, but it seems simpler to focus on one.

Inspiration (those quote/photography/positivity/art/tumblr types)?

I'm a little lost. Any suggestions?

Monday, November 30, 2009


Oh dear, I've been late, very late. My sincerest apologies for my failure to update for a month.

So after a bad haircut, the going-aways of several friends and reformatting on my laptop... I'm back and going to stop procrastinating... Update more often! YES!

This website may be old news, considering i discovered it at the start of the year.. But I only found something to post with my discussion of it today, so there! ^__^

and I were so bored one day that we invented a webcam game inspired by the Asian Poses site that goes into insane detailed descriptions and studies of hand gestures we Asians (though most mastered by FOB's) spam when in front of a camera. We did all 28 in about an hour or less ;)

Here is the result of our game:

Does anyone else have webcam games/lol stories to tell? :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Exams and art boards have been taking up my time, most unfortunately. But
while I procrastinate...
I'll recap my holiday in another post, but this should entertain you for the
time being.

-My new favorite tumblr is fuckyeahpokememe. It
brings the LULZ, especially the Pokebooks (pictured above)... and everyone knows I love
Pokemon x]

-SkeletalFashion! perhaps a "homage to super skinny models", I find these pretty
awesome. Especially the ribcage necklace and the t-shirt!:)

-Gala'sMagical Guide to Getting Well is something I may try next time I get
sick. Hopefully that doesn't happen anytime soon though!

-"The World of Tomorrow, if the Internet Disappeared Today" is an amusing contest that asked participants to photoshop what they think would happen... WE'D ALL GET RICKROLLED :O

-MY ART BOARDS BEING FINISHED, I can now sleep at normal hours instead of working until 2am ^____^

-Making mix CD's. Since I'm sure he won't see this, YES THAT'S YOUR 5MONTH PRESENT (we give gifts/cards every month. no idea why besides it being fun). This is the tracklist; 19 ways to say i love you :")

-My new Hangry & Angry hooded cutsew from Hong Kong. IT HAS EARS<3 href="">"Wardrobe Throw-Outs" and tulip-shaped skirts.

-QuoteForTruth is my friend Vivian's vox. She has an actual quote book full of them she brings to school, and I'm assuming this will be full of its contents. It's cute. Go click :)

Enjoy for now, I have to... study T___T

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Travel Packing: SHORT TRIPS

Tomorrow evening I will be flying to Dunedin for a five-day stay... and I haven't started packing. I'll get around to it.. Eventually ;)


1. Luggage:
- Trunks (or trunk type suitcases) are nice, solid and best choice aesthetically. But while they're very pleasant on the eyes, they're not so fun to carry unless you want sore arms. Of course, if you have someone carrying them for you that shouldn't be a problem ;)
- Duffel bags, larger than gym-size of course should be lighter but cannot carry as much. It also encourages wrinkles and things like wine-glasses may break if not bubble-wrapped (or covered in clothes) properly.
- Suitcases with wheels are probably your prime choice. They come in many shapes and forms and the wheels mean it's easier to bring along.

* TIP: try not to get a standard black/navy blue one that looks just like everyone elses because more likely than not, someone may take your luggage by mistake because it looks like theirs. But if yours DOES look like that, it helps to tie a ribbon or something identifiably yours on it so you can find it on the baggage carousel easily.

2. Before you pack, you MUST:
- check the weather forecast and have an idea of what it will be like - coats, y/n?
- know how long you will be there for so you have enough clothes to last you the entire time
- consider: will you be doing a lot of shopping? If so, don't fill your suitcase up. Leave some space for your potential purchases.

3. When dismantling your closet, here are some things to remember:
- ALWAYS take a jacket/coat/hoodie because you never know when the temperature will drop.
- choose pieces that can be worked in several ways so you don't have to bring so many.
- try not to bring more than 2 pairs of shoes, and wear the heaviest on the plane.

* TIP: roll your clothes and tie them with rubber bands. it saves space and reduces wrinkles.

*EXAMPLE: my packing list (still in the works) includes...

  • white fleece jacket
  • black bossini dress
  • wrangler jeans
  • denim shorts
  • opaque black stockings
  • b&w checkered scarf (yes, THOSE LOL)
  • striped long sleeve top
  • grey cardigan
  • from first to last t-shirt
  • black converse
  • green 3/4 sleeve top
how it can be made to last 5 days:
1. dress + stockings
2. dress + jeans
3. t-shirt over long-sleeve + shorts + stockings
4. long sleeve + jeans
5. green top + shorts + stockings
...and the jacket/cardigan/scarf can be added depending on how cold it is.


  • the usual: sleepwear; underwear (DO NOT FORGET)
  • toiletries: eyeliners in black, white and green; toothbrush; hairbrush & comb; gatsby moving rubber (though i probably can't take a straightener.. but I'll live!);
    *TIP: if you carry shampoos or perfume, try and transfer them to smaller travel-sized containers :)
  • a smaller bag to carry your stuff around every day: keep wallet, cellphone, camera, hotel key, shades in.
  • CHARGERS!!! for your cellphone and camera. Worst that could happen is a camera dies on holiday with no spare battery.
  • entertainment: a handheld like NDS/PSP or music players are great; but this 1-hour flight I'm just taking 2 packets of star folding paper I have to make... as well as *sigh* my maths books from school because I have to study for an exam in 2 weeks. Wish me luck >o<
...I think I've covered the important stuff, hopefully I haven't forgotten anything! >w< Thoughts?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

tabs to open until your browser explodes.

- Clint Eastwood in Coraline 2? For more random Coraline things such as button keys, dolls and even cosplays, head to you'll like evilbuttons ;)

- Tim Burton collaborates with Tim Walker for a Harper's Bazaar October 2009 spread. I have to say, Tricks & Treats is pretty fucking cool.

- Alex Pardee, the excellent artist whose talents you may recognize from The Used and In Flames album covers does sweet stuff for Zerofriends (toys, shirts, mugs, you name it!) and now they're looking for some help in filming the brand's first commercial. Keen to help out?

- If you are one of the few who have not discovered You Are Remarkable yet, now may be a good time to check it out. It's cute, and helps lift your spirits.

- But on a less positive note, Chiodos have kicked out Craig Owens. :O
- The Used are giving away massive Bus Bench ads for their latest album Artwork. WANT ONE?
Also, if you haven't heard the album yet... Check it out. My favorites are Empty With You and Born to Quit.
- The Secret Society of List Addicts. I know people from the community will like it. Ideas for MORE LISTS OMGLOL. I know I do ;)