Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Exams and art boards have been taking up my time, most unfortunately. But
while I procrastinate...
I'll recap my holiday in another post, but this should entertain you for the
time being.

-My new favorite tumblr is fuckyeahpokememe. It
brings the LULZ, especially the Pokebooks (pictured above)... and everyone knows I love
Pokemon x]

-SkeletalFashion! perhaps a "homage to super skinny models", I find these pretty
awesome. Especially the ribcage necklace and the t-shirt!:)

-Gala'sMagical Guide to Getting Well is something I may try next time I get
sick. Hopefully that doesn't happen anytime soon though!

-"The World of Tomorrow, if the Internet Disappeared Today" is an amusing contest that asked participants to photoshop what they think would happen... WE'D ALL GET RICKROLLED :O

-MY ART BOARDS BEING FINISHED, I can now sleep at normal hours instead of working until 2am ^____^

-Making mix CD's. Since I'm sure he won't see this, YES THAT'S YOUR 5MONTH PRESENT (we give gifts/cards every month. no idea why besides it being fun). This is the tracklist; 19 ways to say i love you :")

-My new Hangry & Angry hooded cutsew from Hong Kong. IT HAS EARS<3 href="">"Wardrobe Throw-Outs" and tulip-shaped skirts.

-QuoteForTruth is my friend Vivian's vox. She has an actual quote book full of them she brings to school, and I'm assuming this will be full of its contents. It's cute. Go click :)

Enjoy for now, I have to... study T___T