Friday, March 6, 2009

covered: a revolution in sound

I procrastinate everything, not just studying. This includes folding laundry. So I decided to type this post with a pile of shirts on my lap and will fold a shirt after every paragraph.

First off, I have to tell you to check out Avenged Sevenfold's cover of Paranoid by Black Sabbath. It's my current addiction and I have it on repeat all day.

I like the instrumentals of A7X's version better because they liven it up but I think Ozzy's vocals suit the song better. He just has that ~feel that matches it.

Download it for free here.

It's part of the "Covered, A Revolution in Sound" compilation of recent artists' covers of classic songs associated with Warner Bros. Records artists over the past 50 years to celbrated WBR's 50th anniversary.

My other favorites off it are Disturbed's cover of FNM's Midlife Crisis and Against Me!'s Here Comes a Regular.

You can stream the entire tracklist here.

On another note, I always have this long list of songs to download or bands to go give a listen to.
Today's reccommendations for you (I know they aren't new bands, but they don't receive that much attention from the general public so I thought you should give them a listen) are:

1. Jawbreaker (Punk/Post-Punk)
2. the Gazette (Japanese Visual-Kei)
3. Dillinger Four (Punk/Post-Punk)
4. Reel Big Fish (Ska)
5. Girugamesh (Japanese Metal)

I was playing around with Last.FM radio and discovered number 3 and 5 that way. You should try it ;P


  1. no ska no ska.. but a7x is awesome and i love that cover too!

  2. Hahaha I love that you used blogging as a motivator to fold shirts. Too awesome :P

  3. @Mollie: yes ska, ska punk is tolerable at least? but i'm glad you like a7x too ;)

    @Kate: why thank you! XD whatever gets the job done, ae?