Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

- Term break! Last day of school for a 2 week break tomorrow :)
Unfortunately I have to study because exams are coming up veerrryyyy soon after I return, but... there's always SLEEPING IN!

- Trivium are playing Powerstation next February!
This makes me very happy because earlier this year I was complaining how they toured Australia with Black Tide and not New Zealand. They're hitting Auckland and Christchurch with Whitechapel. Keen? The best part is that I get to hang out with Kc again, who I haven't seen for a year! ^__^
Other sweet bands coming downunder include Bad Religion/NoFX/Pour Habit and Slayer/Megadeth next weekend, The Ataris and Poison The Well in October, Arch Enemy and Pearl Jam in November and Green Day in December. Next year starts off well too with Underoath/Switchfoot at Parachute, AC/DC(!!!) and Cobra Starship.

- Mi Goreng Instant Noodles. Self explanatory. They're nearly as good as Nong Shim x]

- "Angry Fan Doesn't Realize It's Bert" is funny. Imagine how douchey and regretful you would feel if you realized you raged at your own favorite band while wearing their shirt. FAIL! XD

- Epik High parodies the monster movie "The Host" in their new music video, Wannabe.

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